This is Shiaterrica’s Story…


At the age of eight, I was diagnosed with stage three osteosarcoma in my right leg and immediately received intense rounds of chemotherapy.  In an eleven hour surgery, surgeons removed my entire femur from my right leg.  Afterwards, I was always told that I would not be able to do certain things, mainly in the educational area, but time and time again, I have proven medical expects wrong.  I have been a straight A’s student since being released from the hospital.


I have achieved top ten every year, and i have ranked number five in my class.  Having cancer did not take my life.  Instead, cancer gave me a second chance at life.  That is why I am so determined to succeed and make the best of the second chance God has given me and become a pediatric oncologist.


I plan to major in cellular, molecular, and microbial biology at Auburn University.  I plan to attend medical school to specialize in oncology and pediatrics.  My career goal is to become a pediatric oncologist.  Because of my personal experience with cancer, I want to help other kids fight the deadly disease.  I want to comfort my patients because I understand their struggles and pains.  I want to inspire and encourage them that they can become cancer free like me.


During my career as a pediatric oncologist, I will establish medical centers in my poor neighborhood because there are no clinics.  Also, I will establish medical centers in third world countries because so many people do need immediate access to health care.  My medical center will have everything my patients will possibly need.  If someone has a heart attack, my medical center will have cardiologists and heart surgeons on deck.  If someone has third degree burns, my medical center will have a burn unit.  Even if someone has a mental or emotional breakdown, psychologists will be just a step away.  I plan on giving my community one of the best medical centers in the state that has all the latest medical equipment and technology.


Because chemotherapy damages major organs, I want to find an alternative medicine to treat cancer.  Chemotherapy has just as many cons as pros.  It damages major organs, such as the heart, liver, and kidney.  Chemotherapy also damages people’s hearing ability and vision.  I do not want a patient who just have battled lung cancer for two years, now have to struggle with heart complications because of chemotherapy.  I want to find a medicine that will have no damaging effects.


My motto is ‘Reach for the Stars’.  I have always been a girl with big dreams: however, big dreams usually comes at a price.  This scholarship will enable me to pay my college fees and help me get an education, which I will use my education to help others.  I will assist young caner patients by being a pediatric oncologist, I will assist the people in my neighborhood by establishing a medical center there, and I will assist the world by developing a new treatment for cancer.



~ Shiaterrica Williams



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